Buy Green Coconut

Where can I buy green coconut? Many people ask yourself, now with is easy to find Green Coconuts and other derivative products, as coconut diamond shape, milk coconut or easy opener coconuts.

We work directly with farmers, so on this way we can get the best price and the best quality for coconuts, once we buy the coconuts we make the different process in our factory.

Our products are exported from Thailand to any country in the world, most of our clients are located in Europe, but we also can import coconut products to America or Africa. The most popular product in Europe is coconut diamond shape, we sell several container each month, our taste and quality is so good. If you are located in Europe we can deliver you a minimum quantity lower than one container of green coconut or derivative products.

For the rest of the world we deliver one container as minimum quantity to order. Our coconuts are raw, fres and pure so we can ensure that we have best quality on coconuts. If you never import coconuts before, we can help you with the administrative procedures in the destination country.

Our team is ready to listen your inquiries, so please feel free to contact us, and ask us about green coconuts or other derivative products from coconuts.

buy green coconut
buy green coconut
    • Hi.
      I am interested in importing green coconuts to Germany. Please contact me on
      Or 0049 1633 474 090.
      Thank you

    • Hi,
      Could you let me know price and quantity of your diamond shaped coconuts in a 20′ FCL ex works and FOB Mumbai port. If the price is ok, I would like to do one trial shipment. After that it would be 1 FCL per month.
      Look forward to hearing from you.

    • I would like to know more about your company coconuts products.

      Your sooner reply are very much appreciated.
      Thank you
      Best regards,
      H/p +6019-6638978

    • Good morning, I would like to enquire if you could deliver green coconuts to the UK and what is the minimum amount to order and price per piece.
      Thank you

    • hi there

      im josh i work at casamia restaurant in bristol, uk but we are opening a sister restaurant in bristol as well which will be a thai restaurant so we would love to make our own coconut milk as our menu will reflect ancient thai cookery this is very important to us i hope you can help

      thanks josh

    • Hi,
      I am from Bucharest, Romania, Europe. Please tell me more about coconuts delivery in my Country. What is the minimum quantity, pieces or bax i must order? I am interested by green coconuts, not peeled, but also by coconut diamond shape.
      So, I am waiting for your reply about the minimum quantity and the prices.
      Thank you.

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